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DXpeditions & QSL Manager


I am looking for a real Shacks to rent because there are many webs without a good information. If you know where radio operators can spend their DX holidays, please, contact me. 


Estoy buscando información real de donde se pueden pasar unas vacaciones y hacer una expedicion en casa de algun compañero de radio. Por favor, contacta conmigo si quieres informar de ello. 



  • 6Y5WJ : Josh are very happy to wellcome any operator to be at home. 
  • V26B: Super Station for Rent in Anigua & Barbuda.



  • Vietnam: 3W2LI rent a complety Shack in North Vietnam. Plase, contact him for more information. It has a hotel where you can operate during all day.  His email is jbtin@ymail.com .




  • EA8DO : Manolo Rent a Shack in Canary Islands. Pse visit his info in www.QRZ.com




  • 3A : Hotel Ambassador. I have been with my 3A/EA5IDQ operation, and it is Ham Friendly.
  • 9A3MR : Rolando rent his Contest QTH in Croatia.
  • 9H5JO : Joe help you to get you get you Licence and also he help you to rent a House, Villa, Apartment, etc where you install your antennas.
  • CU Azores : There are plenty of Houses and Villas to rent. Local Hams as Pedro CU2JX & Jose CU2CE help you in all arrangments.
  • DL: www.dm9ee.com 
  • EA5 :  Villasol Camping & Resort. Pse contact me
  • ES1WW : Club Station which is free to all Hams.
  • GD6IA : Alex provide you a complet list of places to rent a Shack in Isle of Man for a fantastic Contest and Pile ups.
  • GJ3DVC : Club Station aopen for a good price for all Hams who need a Shack in Jersey Island. EU-013
  • GM0PNS : Jeff (also G3LWM) has a QTH in Pabay Island in Scotland (EU-008). Please, contact him for more info about Antennas, Transceivers, etc . . .
  • GU3HFN : CLub Station to rent with a fully Shack for Hams. Please, contact them for more information.
  • HB0 : Camping Mittagsspitze
  • JW5E : Svalbard Club Station.
  • JX7DFA : Per (also LA7DFA) was in Jan Mayen some year ago and he provide you with all information to operate from there.
  • YO: Tulipan Panzio







Pse contact:
EA5IDQ   ea5idq@dxpedition.eu



Rent a Shack & DX Holidays



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03140 Guardamar del Segura






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